Using REST

The PST SDK offers a REST API for accessing data from a PST Tracker and adjusting settings on a PST Tracker. The PST REST API enables access to the PST Tracker using the HTTP protocol. This API is primarily convenient when for some reason it is not possible to make use of any of the other APIs. Although the REST API might add a small amount of latency to the communication with the PST Tracker, it offers a similar level of control over the PST Tracker as the other APIs. Supported PST trackers are the PST Iris and PST Base, PST Iris HD and PST Base HD and the PST Pico.


For Windows:

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Visual Studio 2015 runtime or higher

For Linux:

  • Built on Ubuntu 18.04
  • GCC 7.4.0 runtime or higher