PST SDK Overview

The PST SDK offers several interfaces for accessing data from a PST Tracker and adjusting settings on a PST Tracker. Supported PST trackers are the PST Iris and PST Base, PST Iris HD and PST Base HD and the PST Pico. Each of the APIs offered through the PST SDK offer full control over a PST Server instance. This enables management and control of a PST Tracker without the need for the separate PST Server application or PST Interface Service.


The PST SDK offers APIs for the following languages:

The C++ API is the native API and has bindings for C. C# and Python bindings are in turn created from the C API. The REST API can be enabled through all language-specific bindings, or it can be started as an independent REST server application.

Please follow the links above for detailed documentation on each individual API.

To get an understanding of how the different files in the PST SDK are related to the different parts of the SDK, please refer to the Install and Redistribute section.


The PST SDK offers a number of ways to communicate to a PST Tracker.

  1. The multi-lingual APIs allow for full control over the PST Server object controlling the PST Tracker.
  2. A shared memory communication pipeline that can be initialized from the APIs. This pipeline is the same as the one used by the PST Interface Service and requires the application to be run with admin rights. It enables connecting the PST Client application to the application integrating the PST SDK.
  3. A REST API that can be run as a stand-alone application or can be initialized from the APIs. This API can be used to communicate to the PST Tracker using HTTP requests that can be generated through a web browser or a networking library like Curl.

The shared memory pipeline and the REST interface can also be started as stand-alone applications. For the shared memory pipeline, the PST-Server application can be started. This application offers the classic client-server setup that is useful when working with the PST-Client application. For the REST interface, the PST-Rest application can be started. This application offers a connection to the PST Tracker using the REST API. The documentation for using the REST interface can be found in the REST manual.